Gadha Party Detailed Overview

The following video contains the highlights of the party, some below:

Who am I

Why gp

No true Rep of people

Constitution is made by people. But people cannot be enslaved by constitution. Same is true of law
Today constitution is protected but people are not. Laws are protected but people live in lawlessness and corruption

Poverty is rampant. There is no respect of masses clubs example

They are only treated as vote bank. No intermarriages between rich and poor they are good enough to be our workers and slaves only not our equal

People are forced to suffer due pharaonic taxation policies on cars. So they beg to leaders

High and complex taxes means businessmen and individuals are forced to bribe govt and tax officials

I propose flat 10% tax income business only and 5% on all transactions including property so people happily pay tax then steal and hence government cannot continue bribes

I am also against big government nowhere in the world is it liked or appreciated. Using technology of which we have lot of talent we can reduce government to mobile apps only. All we need is Nadra for database and rest are entries. Serve people via online courier using police stations for thumb verification connected with relevant gov service

Law and order
I also believe law and order and justice are foundations of any society. Today Usa is a superpower and Europe is prosperous besides Aus nz Singapore and some gulf states as they uphold law and justice. In Pakistan police and judiciary like media and most gov departments is considered sold out. They recruit on bribes hey cannot give justice. Only decent institution in country is army. Using retired army personnel army should bring about justice and order to the people like they do via Mp in Cantt and all is good there

Also we need to reduce our laws to 10% developing good moral standards and decent communication in people as corner stone of Islam. This will result in less laws and more implementation

Islam is turned into a shop today. Our leaders and people must refer to khulafa e Rashideen as role models. Today every Pakistani is blindly pursuing money. Money will not go with us to grave only good conduct will. Also we kill our own people to please the west. Will the west or Myanmar kill one person in retrospect? Why is the world community our yardstick when Islam has clearly given us the difference between right and wrong? Should we not have moral courage to tell Taliban that they were created by intelligence agencies to fight Russians? This will break their morale and they will hopefully come to the peaceful and loving essence of Islam

Sr Robert Young is my role model. He has on proven that health is directly related to a green diet. He can make an ailing humanity bounce back in health in a snap. I know it from experience

Our leadership is a negative role model for people. Blindly pursuing wealth and power. Today the pm position has become a joke with nawaz trying hold and Imran trying to grab. Is this democracy or hunger for power and money? We all know better

I appeal and request our civil and military leadership to unite as one for once in 70 years of Pakistan to face real internal and external challenges. This can only happen if you follow simple lifestyle of khulfa e rashideen as Edhi did. Give your money voluntarily back to govt. make yourself a good role model. And stop Vip bs. Bilawal and other VIP movement has killed and suffered people. Other country leaders live simple lives. Obama daughter works in a restaurant. Dubai Sh Mohd freely mingles with people and gives soft drinks and gets selfies with ordinary people. These are brave and real leaders. They don’t fear death nor crave power or money. I say learn from good leaders and govt all over the world

Foreign policy

As a Muslim I am against the enemy Mindset our prophet pbuh taught us unconditional love. Think about it. Is this what we practice? Today we hate India. Do we realize for 800 years Indians were ruled by us? That all the way to Spain belonged to Muslim’s. today we muslims need brotherhood to look at the world with love then hate and anger as our prophet pbuh and his companions did. Let us become so good and decent honest and respectful that the world looks at us as leadership role models that we were once upon a time

My message to trump and Muslim haters. We are not bad guys. Some of us maybe some of yours are too so let us build bridges of love then destroy with hate

My message to Modi. Like Pakistan you have worse problems of poverty. Today these two countries and other ldcs remind me of kirshanChander novel footpath ke farishte or manto or many good movies on both sides. We have lived together or 1000 years there are 250 million strong muslims in India it is wisdom for you and us to make peace than war. As for Kashmir you know and I know that majority is Muslim the pok as you call it has no problems only your side has even if you blame us don’t you think there is real issues on Indian occupied Kashmir? Modi Sahab you have risen from poverty please feel the pain of poor kashmiris let them be happy do an honest referendum and let them do what they like

Also for Israel. My message is. Dear followers of Moses. It was God who spared you from slavery of pharoahs. He gave you all you wanted. I understand and console with you on the holocaust. We muslims never acted like that towards you. Our a prophet Pbuh was nice to your leaders overall. And we always had for centuries cordial terms with you and Christians. I request you let us all make peace on earth. Dwelling in hate serves no one. As for Palestinians I can only request you to take care of them like your brothers. Love begets love. Try love for bullets you have tried to many! And so have the rest of warring humanity

To America
I love your first amendment and hope the whole world has it one day. I also love the beautiful people of America. Our people are no different. Please don’t hate Pakistanis and Muslim’s. our majority are poor and simple people. They are hard working clean and honest. And as for your fear of sharia. The reality is that my perception of Islam tells me that you and eu and others actually practice it. How you serve your people. With honest and integrity and concern. Deliver justice is Sharia to me

Pakistan can be made a prosperous country if we stick to 1600 year old principles of simplified loving caring and honest Islam. We will be truly prosperous and the world will respect us

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