What is Gadha Party?

What is Gadha (or Donkey) Party?
First of all it’s not a “party” – it’s a movement, the party is called UFDP or Unity Faith Discipline Party of Pakistan, Eman Ittihad Tanzeem Party in Urdu.
Why Gadha Party?
Because 98% of the masses of this country called Pakistan, roundabout 190 million or 19 crore people have had enough. Enough poverty, enough lawlessness, enough false promises, enough corruption, enough fundamentalism or the opposite-ism, enough rhetoric in short.
Gadha Party aims to “fix” Pakistan using only FOUR steps:
1 Reducing taxes to 10% thus allowing the common man relief as cost of goods would correspondingly reduce, increasing investments, both local and foreign; forcing government to function within this budget, banning new loans, renegotiating terms with donors citing major reforms to ultimately help them get their money back.
2 Allowing import of old cars against the current 2 year old limit so poor can enjoy like they do in the US, EU, Gulf and elsewhere, their standard of transportation increases and the visible gap between rich and poor reduces.
3 Hand over judiciary and police 100% log, stock and barrel to the Pakistan Army (the only properly functioning institution in the country) using ex servicemen to replace current mostly corrupt and inept staff – thus ensuring justice as when London was being bombed to the ground by Hitler’s Air Force, a journalist asked Churchill about the British chances in the war. Churchill’s response was in the form of a query: “Are our courts still delivering justice to the people?” When the journalist said “yes”, Churchill assured him that Britain will survive.
4 Islam or Atheism or whateverism in Pakistan? Let the people decide, we propose abolishing provinces and dividing nation into small 1000 units or mini cities that have similar demographics and tastes. Then in each hold a referendum on what kind of “Islam” do they want, those who want conservative approach should be allow to function as such and those who want liberal as in the Gulf states or US/EU & similar should be allowed that too, if someone is unhappy in one such state they can easily go to the other and live life in their choice of environment.
How do we achieve this?
Helping raise awareness in the masses that they are treated like donkeys or gadhas by the ruling elites who number less than 0.5% of the population inclusive of their kith, kin and friends. And that the people alone can demand justice that they deserve.

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