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Rimsha, the poor princess of Pakistan!









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Why poor Pakistanis don’t want this false freedom?


Message for Imran Khan

To the politicians of Pakistan

To the liberals of Pakistan

On DawnLeaks and Army Perception by the people

On Mishal Khan Killers

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The REAL enemy

Pakistanis often “b” about “external powers” interference, and play “VICTIM” in my analysis, our PRIMARY enemies are our OWN
1 Political leaders (most of them)
2 Bureaucrats (majority of them)
3 Law and order personnel (vast majority)
4 Custodians of Justice (fairly obvious)
5 Custodians of Faith (you know better)
In SHORT without internal harmony we will SUFFER external threats as we do, IF we were / are stronger we CAN face them
I was not STUPID to launch and lately I knew / know the primary reason for our current and impending failures, it’s NOT external, it’s internal

The Future of Politics

Since 1999, I’ve been contemplating, strategizing and forming relationships at all levels of society, be it the civil servants, politicians, businessmen, retired personnel (army or civil), celebrities and the much abused “common man” or “masses” or “awam” whom I’ve been interviewing off and on and sharing their views on good governance to all concerned, GadhaParty was a culmination of the social movement for change, a mockery of democracy in its present, abusive, form.

The solution, leaders from the BOTTOM

Now, today, I have access to and am friends with (mostly good) politicians, celebrities, actors, models, singers, retired civil & army officers, professionals from almost any field and many from the media too. With and using them I have envisaged a plan to Change Pakistan (as the original dream was 10 years ago) into a practical format.

My team and I are ready to go on the media and announce a competition NEVER witnessed ANYWHERE in the WORLD. And it is about motivating, identifying, nurturing and placing leaders from the GROUND UP, unlike the CURRENT model of “selection” of leaders either on their ability to “buy” the seat or because they were loyal to some big politician or his pimp or friend (usually both mean the same thing :))

So, progressive people in the media are getting in touch with us, the race is solid, it is not just going to change the country, it’s going to make some media moguls VERY rich and famous too, could it be you? is the question you need to ask yourself…

My team is on full steam and in readiness, soon the games shall begin with the proactive players in the media.


Gadha’s must RISE!

In short the people of Pakistan need a polite slap on their face to wake up from slumber of slavery and gain freedom from criminal and corrupt leaders. Will you stand for your freedom or remain a slave forever including your children? Decide. Wake up. Act. Before its too late.

Please share with the people of Pakistan living in false illusion of freedom. We’re not free till we rid of massive corruption, classes, sects and races. We’re mental slaves of old English. They have changed for the better. They as in the West treat all equally even us Muslims. However we have no shame or conscience left. I want to awaken the warrior and winner in every Pakistani

Show the world you are Masters of your destiny not slaves of the corrupt

And then, only then shall we celebrate. Our freedom delayed

Doing good for the people of Pakistan

These picture collages represent a few of my personal efforts at alleviating poverty, I’ve been joined by some like Bushra Bilal & Shahnaz Minallah in the pics, other than that Ale Qureshi, Aatif, Asher, Khalid, Ch Azhar and numerous others have supported me, I’ve posted these online at – change no matter how small, is still change… help us institutionalize this somehow, my dream is that every Pakistani should start distributing food, clothes, whatever they easily can to the poor, some can help train them as well into skills, that is nice too, whatever, we must do our bit no matter how small then just “BLAME THE SYSTEM OR PEOPLE” is my only contention, be the change, whether as good humans or as leaders, that is fine…